Leaflets, Posters and IN Logo

Show your support for independent politicians this election - download, print out, display and handout these leaflets.

If you create your own election poster on the benefits of independents and would like to share it with others, please email it to: info@independentnetwork.org.uk

Great Minds - This leaflet contains quotes from high profile individuals who felt that parties were damaging politics

Normal People - This leaflet shows that the vast majority of people are not party political

Only Alternative - Display this poster in your window to show that independents are the only alternative to the main three political parties

Please download the materials below

Great Minds Flyer3.03 MB
Normal People Flyer2.99 MB
The Only Alternative Poster54.5 KB
The Only Alternative Poster - insert your candidate's name54.5 KB
Vote Independent - blank back - Local Elections 20114.36 MB
Independent Network logo 14.34 KB
Vote Independent General Flier - Local Elections 20114.36 MB
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