Campaign Plan

If you’re planning to stand for election, you need to create a campaign plan. Campaign plans are essential; they will focus your resources and time. You should consider the following:

Budget – Can you afford the deposit? How will you fundraise?

Timescale – When will you send out election literature? When will you hold public events? Postal votes? Electoral Commission deadlines?

Target Audience – As the famous saying goes, if you market to everyone, you market to no-one. Which age group? What kind of voter (floating voter/ex-labour voter/trade unionists)? How many constituents? 

Message – Why are you different from the other candidates? What’s unique about your policy? Why should people vote for you? Manifesto?

Promotion – How will you get yourself known? Media (print and online)? Social networking? Public appearances. Local community groups? Hustings?

Opponents – Negative/positive campaigning. What are your opponents’ strength/weaknesses? What’s the current majority? How is your campaign different?

Supporters – How will you identify people who will vote for you? How will you involve volunteers? On Election Day how will you get people out to vote?

If you are writing a Campaign Plan the following questions may be helpful:

1.    Have you obtained a copy of the Electoral Roll?

2.    Have you analysed a map of your constituency to identify priorities for the campaign?

3.    How do you intend to fund your campaign?

a.      What is your budget?

b.      How will you fundraise?

c.      Can you afford the deposit (£500 for parliamentary)?

4.      How many leaflets do you intend to deliver? You should ensure that all electorates receive a leaflet before the postal vote.

5.      If you are intending to deliver more than one leaflet, how will you do this?

6.      How will you campaign?

a.      How much door knocking will you be doing?

b.      Will you be organising public meetings/hustings?

c.      How will you influence the maximum number of voters in the minimum amount of time?

d.      How will you work with the local media?

e.      Will you communicate with the political press?

f.        Will you have your own website and blog?

g.      Will you use social media sites? Facebook? Twitter?

h.      Will you use political stunts?

7.      Will you be appointing an Election Agent?

8.      How will you involve volunteers in your campaign? How will you recruit them?

9.      Are you aware of the importance of statutory wording on posters and leaflets?

10.  Are you clear on what is and what is not an election expense?

11.  What strengths and weaknesses have you identified in the current MP?

12.  What strengths and weaknesses have you identified in the other candidates?

13.  What are the main issues for the voters?

14.  What Unique Selling Points (USPs) will you be pushing for your own candidature?

15.  What are the positive reasons to vote for you?


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