Many people are unaware of the prominence and success of existing influential independent politicians

Local Government

There are over 2,000 Independent Councillors who make up 1 in 13 council seats in England and Wales. There are three directly elected mayors in local government.

Scotland, so far, seems to be leading the way for independents in the UK. Currently there are three councils with an independent majority, and eleven councils which rely on an independent coalition. Independent Councillors form the largest political group after the SNP and Labour.

There are three directly elected independent Mayors in England - Tony Egginton (Mansfield) , Roy Mallon (Middlesborough) , Stuart Drummond (Hartlepool).

Several higher tier Councils have an independent majority and are run by an independent administration. These include Pembrokeshire County Council and Epsom and Ewell Borough Council.

Many Town/Parish Councils in England and Wales and Community Councils in Scotland do not have any party political affiliation and many local Councillors are independent.


There is currently one elected independent MP in Parliament - Lady Sylvia Hermon MP (North Down). There are no representatives of the English Democrats, UKIP and the BNP in the House of Commons.

There are currently 183 crossbench peers in the House of Lords

Devolved Powers

Independents are also in the Welsh Assembly, Trish Law AM, and in the Scottish Parliament, Margo MacDonald MSP. In 2000 Ken Livingstone was elected Mayor of London as an independent. When he re-joined the Labour party his popularity reduced significantly.

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