Endorsement for Independent Candidates

Our aim for 2010/2011 is to support as many Independent groups and Independent candidates as possible. We are endorsing candidates to provide a mark of quality for Independents; that these candidates will make excellent elected representatives. Gaining endorsement will add credibility to candidacy and boost election campaigns. It will also allow candidates access to resources and campaigning materials. The Executive committee formalised and agreed the endorsement process in October.

All candidates displayed on our website are endorsed candidates.

Applying for Endorsement

If you would like to apply for endorsement, please be in touch with your local Independent Network endorsed independent group and seek endorsement through their process. You can find details of local Independent Network candidates and groups at http://www.independentnetwork.org.uk/candidates. Alternatively please send us the following to: info@independentnetwork.org.uk

  • A CV
  • 100 Word Personal Statement
  • Photo – (300 bpi JPEG if possible)
  • Two References (from people unrelated to you)
  • A Campaign Plan
  • Manifesto
  • Third party endorsements
  • Specialist Subjects/Expertise (e.g. international development, NHS, education)
  • Priority Policies
  • Party Membership (are you / have you ever been a member of a political party?)

Further Information 

Third Party Endorsements

Let us know if you have received endorsements from other organisations. Examples of these could be winning community awards, Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) checks, obtaining a UK honour and if you have ever held positions in public office.

Previous Convictions

We request that all candidates inform us of any unspent convictions. We also ask you to make us aware of anything in your past that may harm your campaign.

Specialist Subjects/Expertise

Some individuals may have a particular interest or knowledge in key policy areas. This expertise may inspire other candidates’ policies. However it is also useful for the IN to have a pool of identified experts whom we can offer to the media for interview on particular policy areas. For instance some candidates may have experience and understanding of the NHS, the law, community relations, environment, economy and so on. As the IN is a network, please tell us your expertise and share your knowledge with other candidates.

Party Membership

If you have previously been a member of a political party please tell us. If you still have membership and wish to stand as an independent, we suggest you leave the party as soon as possible.

If you require any further information, please see the FAQs and download the Endorsement Pack:

Endorsement Pack 2019.pdf439.16 KB
Endorsement Pack Letter 2019.pdf332.76 KB
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