Endorsement Frequently Asked Questions

When is the deadline for applying for endorsement?

There is no deadline for endorsement, but the sooner we have your application, the more support and guidance we can provide.

Why do endorsed candidates need to agree to the Bell Principles?

The Bell Principles are an ethical code of conduct for elected representatives. As we are endorsing candidates to provide a quality marker for independents, we ask that all candidates agree to these set of principles.

What are the benefits for endorsed candidates?

First and foremost endorsed candidates will have the benefits of being vetted by an external organisation. Endorsed candidates will also have access to their own page on our website, use of our logo, advice, guidance and resources (as they become available). More importantly, endorsed candidates will be part of a national network and be able to share resources, expertise and experience with other candidates. They will also be part of a national identity and media campaign for independents.

I haven’t publicly declared that I am standing as an Independent candidate, can I still apply?

We understand that some individuals may want to wait until nearer the election to publicly declare. We will treat all applications as strictly confidential and we won’t publicise your candidacy unless you want us too. Please tell us on your application if we are able to discuss your candidacy with external organisations.

What issues do I need to consider before deciding to stand?

Running for election can be a life changing experience that may have huge consequences for your personal life and career. You should consider the impact on the following:

  • Finances – Running an election campaign is expensive
  • Time - How much spare time do you have?
  • Social life – How will your friends and family view your decision to stand as an independent? Will your friends and family support your campaign?
  • Work – If elected, how can you balance your new duties and personal life?

Why do you need to know about unspent convictions and my past?

If you’re standing as a candidate, you will need media coverage, but you don’t want this to be for all the wrong reasons. If you have any unspent convictions or anything in your past that may be detrimental to your campaign, you must let us know.

Do you have a limit on the number of candidates you can endorse?

No, we plan to endorse as many candidates as possible; the more candidates we have, the bigger our campaign will be. More than one person can apply for the same constituency; we will negotiate between the candidates. But we may also choose to endorse more than one candidate per constituency.

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