Get Involved

There are numerous ways you can support the Independent Network.

The Independent Network is a non-profit organisation and we rely on generous donations from members of the public to continue our work. Donating to the IN is a great way of supporting independent politicians in the UK. Please click on the donate button to the right hand side of this page.

If you are interested in standing as an independent candidate you must act fast. Get in touch with your local authority today and ask them to send you nomination forms. Once you have been nominated (you'll need ten registered voters from your ward to sign your sheet and nominate you)contact us for an Independent Network endorsement and to be put in touch with other campaigning independents in your area.

The Independent Network needs volunteers to help us carry out our remit and continue to support independent candidates. If you feel you could spare a few hours to help independent politicians, please get in touch.

Could you help an independent politician?
We're trying to build a volunteer bank for independent candidates. If you'd like to help an independent candidate in your area, please send us your contact details.

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