Key People

The Executive

We have an executive committee compromising of three members. They are responsible for guiding the organisation and making key decisions.

Cllr Marianne Overton MBE (Leader)

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Too many laws are designed from a Westminster bubble to suit urban areas or particular campaign groups. They are propped up by Party members locally, who are expected to follow the party line.

I want us to think differently, starting with our rural towns and villages. We will need to fight very hard to achieve what is right for our residents. We don’t need more of everything. We need a balance of many successful local businesses bringing resources for our communities and fairer funding from central government to create communities that work.

Marianne works hard locally and also speaks nationally, directly challenging and improving laws for Lincolnshire.

As leader of the Lincolnshire Independents, she speaks up for over a thousand Independent councillors in England and Wales, getting our voice directly into corridors of power.

Marianne ‘s experience in business, health, Relate Lincolnshire, worldwide expeditions and as a governor of the University of Lincoln, is put to good use to help you.

Jim Thornton (Treasurer)

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Jim Thornton was an elected Independent Councillor on East Herts District Council, and is the author of Independents for East Herts, an introduction to getting elected and being a Councillor in Local Government. He is a Civil Engineer by profession, has a group of companies specialising in property investment and management, is a governor of two schools, a trustee of several charities, and a Reader in the Church of England.

In 2006 he set up East Herts People as a political party to promote the cause of Independents at local level, and fielded thirteen Independent candidates in the 2007 Council election. In 2009 an EHP Independent won a Hertford Town Council by-election, and another EHP Independent came second in a County Council election.

Jim is married to Viv, and they have three grown-up children. A civil engineer by profession, he is a governor of two schools, a trustee of several charities, and runs his own group of companies in property management and surveying.

Cllr Darren Hayday (Nominating Officer)

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Darren Hayday is a lifelong resident of Sands and Booker and also lives inside the ward. He is well known and trusted in Wycombe, having gone to school there and having served as a Councillor for Wycombe District Council, specifically for Booker and Cressex from 2003 to 2011. He had the great honour of being the Mayor of High Wycombe in 2006-07. Also is a Governor of the local Millbrook School in Sands. Having been the current Bucks County Cllr for the past 4 years he has worked tirelessly for the community, hopefully making a positive difference. 

Darren is married with one son; he is a Chartered Marketer and works in Marlow for a respected global marketing agency. 

He has already helped to form an alliance of Independent future candidates in Buckinghamshire and used his marketing skills including his newly acquired Social Media and Digital Marketing blended with the traditional door-knocking and tele-canvassing skills. He is planning to write a short paper to all future Independent candidates, encouraging them to use the same formula to win their own elections.

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