Why is the IN important?

The IN is in the unique situation of being the only organisation in the UK that supports and promotes independent candidates without asking it’s members to sign up to set of beliefs.

When was the Independent Network formed?

The Independent Network was formed just before the 2005 general election by a group of like minded individuals who were quite simply fed up of party politics and felt that there must be a better way forward.

Do you fund independent candidates’ campaign? 

Whilst we provide as much support for independent candidates as possible, we cannot fund individual campaigns.

Why do you exist? 

Public frustration and disillusionment with careerist politicians and party politics has created a role for more Independent candidates in public office.  The objective of the IN is to demonstrate that independent candidates are a credible alternative to party political candidates. The absence of a national identity for independent candidates and representatives undermines the perception that voting Independent can actually make a difference. The IN aims to address this perception.

Isn’t the IN really a political party? 

No, we are an organisation that supports Independent politicians. The Independent Network as an organisation is policy-free and politically neutral; we do not impose any opinions on our members or have any whips. But this does not mean that individuals don’t have their own views; our members come from across the political spectrum.

What’s your association with Jury Team?    

We have no links with the Jury Team, but have previously spoken to members of the organisation.

What’s your association with the UK Independence Party (UKIP)? 

We have no links to the national political party UKIP.

Do I have to be an independent candidate to get involved with the IN?

The Independent Network is open to all who are interested in non-party politics. Our supporters consist of members of the public and elected representatives in local, national, devolved and European government.

How are you funded?        

We receive no public funding and rely on private donations from individuals. The more donations we receive, the more assistance we will be able to give to candidates.

What’s your structure?           

We’re a loose organisation of individuals and organisations that support Independent politicians. For legal purposes, the IN has a Private Limited Company and we’re also registered as a third party with the Electoral Commission.

How do I donate to the IN?     

The Independent Network is a non-profit organisation that relies on donations from members of the public. The more funds we receive the more we will be able to help Independent candidates and drive a national campaign. You can donate via PayPal here: http://www.independentnetwork.org.uk/get-involved/donate

How can I help local Independent candidates in my area? 

We’re currently building a bank of volunteers that can help local independent candidates. Independent candidates need assistance with numerous tasks from delivering leaflets to website design. Please email us your contact details to be included in our volunteer database: info@independentnetwork.org.uk

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