New Coordinator For Politically Independent Candidates Campaign.


New Coordinator For Politically Independent Candidates Campaign

Ethical campaigner Tamsin Omond appointed National Coordinator of the Independent Network


The Independent Network, the national organisation that supports independent candidates in both local and national elections, has appointed a prominent new coordinator. Tamsin Omond will manage a campaign promoting independent candidates through-out the UK and raising awareness of the Independent Network (IN).  The dynamic Omond, who has a wealth of campaigning experience, will initially focus on assisting the IN, and independent candidates, in preparation for the local elections of May 2011. Over 1,000 independents are already standing as candidates for the local elections May 2011.


Since it’s foundation in 2005, the IN has helped dozens of independent candidates in national elections. With a focus on establishing credibility and confidence amongst the electorate, the IN provides a sense of common identity, although not policy, for independent candidates throughout the UK. The IN is seeking to connect with a public disillusioned by party politics to provide an alternative of independent candidates that are committed to honesty, objectivity, integrity, non-discrimination and pluralism.


Omond will draw on her previous campaign that have caught the national media’s attention, aiming to bring similar awareness to independent candidates nationwide. She identifies with the difficulties facing independent candidates as she also stood as an Independent candidate herself in May 2010’s General Election.


The enthusiastic Omond said: “Less than 2% of the British population belong to a political party, yet party members currently dominate politics at all levels. It is essential that politics remains in the hands of those passionately dedicated to their constituency, rather than those that simply wish to climb a party’s hierarchy. This distinction, people before parties, was the central tenant of my May 2010 electoral campaign and I am delighted to bring the skills I learnt through that experience to the Independent Network. It’s possible to create a big impact with limited resources.”


IN Executive Committee member Jim Thornton said: “Tamsin’s dedication and self-belief will provide a unifying factor for independent candidates throughout the UK. A recent ICM poll shows that almost one in three UK voters wanted their MP to be independent of a political party. Tamsin, with her abundance of campaigning experience, will be crucial in supporting independent candidates looking to make that difference to UK democracy”.




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About Independent Network

The Independent Network (IN) is a non-profit organisation that promotes and supports independent candidates and non-party politicians. They are supported by current independent politicians in Parliament and in Local Government. They are also supported by independent candidates and members of the public who no longer feel represented by the political parties. Independent politicians provide a credible alternative to the status quo and have numerous advantages over party politicians.