Time is Running Out for Endorsement

Any independent candidate who is interested in being endorsed by the IN must send all relevant information by the close of Tuesday 13th April.

You can find out more about endorsement by checking out the Endorsement secction of the IN website.

A number of high profile individuals are supporting independent candidates. The former independent MP Martin Bell has stated that he will only be supporting Independent Network endorsed candidates in the upcoming election.

Endorsement provides credibility to an independent’s campaign.  The Independent Network provides vital media contacts for endorsed candidates and so far, have been featured on the BBC Politics Show, Guardian, The Times and The Economist.

Currently twenty-six independent candidates have been endorsed to add credibility to their campaigns and provide national media opportunities, but we are aware that there are many more candidates that have virtually no web presence and this makes it extremely difficult for journalists and members of the public to find information and contact them.

Candidates applying for endorsement are not only helping their own campaign, but are also supporting a national campaign for independent politicians.

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