Pressing Action for Independent Candidates

Independent Network’s (IN) Exec Members and endorsed independent candidates have been featured in the national media during the last few weeks.

On Valentines Day, BBC Politics Show North East featured four independent candidates contesting seats in the North East, these included IN Exec Member Steven Ford (Hexham).

The following week (21st February) Exec Member Jim Thornton and endorsed candidates Joe Hall (Luton South) and Cllr Tony Clarke (Northampton South) were also featured on the BBC Politics Show East.

Both shows are available to view on YouTube, along with other videos relevant for independent Parliamentary candidates, such as vox pops and our online ‘No Ties Campaign’  

A common theme on both shows was the current need for independents - they offer a credible alternative to voters as they put the constituents before the national party.   

Supporters of the IN have recently been in national and regional press. Bill Givens published a letter in The Telegraph on the 10th February 2010 arguing that the UK needs more independent MPs in Parliament. IN Executive Member, Jim Thornton was also featured in the regional newspaper for London Docklands, The Wharf.

IN Researcher Livia Oldland says, ‘We’re a national campaign for independent politicians and we want to obtain as much publicity as possible. We encourage supporters to send press releases and letters to the national and local press. The more coverage independents obtain, the more likely they are to be elected.’

The IN also points that members of the public can raise the profile of independents in the media by contributing to radio phone ins, applying to go on BBC Question Time and by commenting on blogs and news articles.

For recent media coverage of the Independent Network and endorsed independent candidates in general, check out the news section of the website.

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