Local Elections 2016 & The Independent Network

Members of local independent groups will be given affiliate membership of the Independent Network for the local elections on 5th May 2016 for a single fee of £50 to cover all their members and candidates. As well as the membership fee, they will be required to send a declaration from their executive stating that they and their members agree to comply with The Bell Principles. They will also be empowered to give the Independent Network’s endorsement to local candidates that also agree to abide by The Bell Principles. This will enable candidates to use the Independent Network branding and resources in their campaigns, and place “Independent Network” on their ballot paper.

They can also identify with their local areas by using one of the following descriptions on the ballot paper:  , North West Independent Network, North East Independent Network, East Midlands Independent Network, West Midlands Independent Network, South West Independent Network, South East Independent Network, and London Independent Network.

If your local independent group would like to support and be supported by the Independent Network, please contact secretariat@independentnetwork.org.uk Payments are made through PayPal

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