Attaining Credibility for Independent Candidates

The Independent Network (IN) is requesting for UK independent Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPCs) to get in touch and apply for endorsement as soon as possible.

The IN has been inundated by requests from numerous organisations and members of the public for further information on Independent candidates.

Brian Ahearne of the IN says, “It’s imperative that all independent candidates contact us immediately and apply for endorsement. We have a number of plans in the pipeline to promote Independents, but we need full and accurate information.”

A common problem for independent candidates is that they have not been approved or checked by an external organisation - the public are aware that literally anyone can stand for Parliament and this impacts the perceived credibility of independents.

The IN is open for applications for endorsement from candidates - they advocate that endorsement will add legitimacy to independents’ campaigns.

Executive members of the IN are currently processing a number of applications for endorsement from independent PPCs.

Rob Jessel, Secretary of the IN says, ‘Endorsed candidates will have the benefit of   being publicly supported by the IN. They will also have access to our branding and be part of a national movement of non-party politicians.’

Candidates can find out more about endorsement by downloading the Endorsement Pack (PDF) below.

Candidates can get in touch with the IN by sending an email to

Endorsement Pack for Candidates.pdf59.31 KB
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