About Us

You’re Not a Floating Voter – You’re An Independent Voter

The Independent Network (IN) is a non-profit organisation that provides support to candidates who are not members of political parties. Independent candidates do not have access to a large national party structure with its human and financial resources. The Independent Network was formed to attend to this inequality and will encourage the electorate to acknowledge the success and influence independents are having in Parliament and in local government.

98.5% of the population are not members of a political party, yet there is only one directly elected independent MP – Sylvia Hermon. While the vast majority of the electorate remains interested in national and local issues, most people in the UK feel that they do not have a say in how the country is run.

This public frustration and disillusionment with career politicians and party politics demonstrates an urgent need for independent candidates elected to public office.

Members of the public who support non-partisan politics are encouraged to support the efforts of the IN to get more independent politicians elected to public office.

The IN is not a political party and does not impose any political views on supporters or candidates. However, the IN does insist that all affiliates are non-racist and non-discriminatory and have no affiliation with any group or party that embodies beliefs contradictory to these principles.

Supporters and endorsed candidates are asked to agree to the Bell Principles - a code of conduct for elected representatives formulated by Martin Bell OBE and the Independent Network.

We aim to create a sense of cohesion and identity for Independent candidates. We hope to establish national credibility for its affiliates, enabling the electorate to vote Independent with greater confidence that an Independent vote is a vote for a more representative government at all levels.

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